Designer Green is dedicated to helping you find a natural path to a healthier you!Our unique formulas are developed with premium ingredients and designed for specific uses. You might consider trying The Day formula to reduce pain and inflammation and uplift your mood whiling adding a feeling of focus and calm or Chrome to reduce inflammation, pain and anxiety. The added rare cannabinoids truly pack the punch, making these tinctures effective and fast-acting.

WHY was Designer Green Created?

Chronic pain and anxiety are pervasive in America today. As someone who is worried about the opioid epidemic and the way it has affected so many lives and families, I am always in search of products that enhance wellness without addictive effects. Designer Green tinctures do exactly that!

Be Better with Wendy Jones

“I've tried at least four different brands of CBD and the one that made a significant difference for pain relief, improved sleep, and an increased feeling of calm focus was Designer Green.

My two favorites, Trifecta for daytime and The Night for nighttime were gamechangers for me after ankle reconstruction surgery. I would recommend Designer Green to anyone looking to decrease inflammation and further their wellness journey.”

Be Better with Wendy Jones ->
Be Better with Wendy Jones

Hope these work for you as well as we designed them